Rachael Staudt


Growing up near Sacramento, Rachael spent many hours outdoors in the beautiful golden hills. After moving to Marin County and becoming an accredited adult by getting a math degree, Rachael realized that her true mission in life was to help the environment by using her creativity and skills as a textile artist.

Lydia with Squeeble.JPG

Lydia Sannella

Sales and Marketing

Lydia was born and bred in Marin Country, California. After fulfilling her quest for knowledge at UC Berkeley, she jumped on a plane to Asia, where she pursued her love of delicious food and adorable socks. Now back in the U.S., Lydia is working to spread the gospel of creative upcycled design.


Douglas Soo


An east coast transplant who made his way west to San Francisco during the internet boom years, Doug has dedicated his career to building tools to help artists and engineers achieve their creative vision. Doug specializes in wrangling all of the technical bits and bobs that keep machines and websites up and running.